Design, Furnish and Launch A Standout Short-Term Rental In Just 30 Days That Outperforms The Market.

Want to transform your vacation rental into a market-leading destination, guaranteed?Watch the video below👇

Who Is This For?

We built this powerful program for Vacation Property Owners who are facing these challenges:

Overwhelmed with Set Up

Setting up a vacation rental can be overwhelming, can't it? We've streamlined the process to save you time and hassle, ensuring your rental is guest-ready quickly and efficiently.

Loss Of Income

Worried about the income lost each day your rental doesn’t have guests? We offer quick and effective solutions to get your rental up and running, minimizing downtime and maximizing your earning potential.

First Time Host

Are the challenges of being a first-time vacation rental host intimidating? With our expertise in setting up rentals, we guide you through every step, ensuring a smooth and successful start.

Subpar Design Limiting Rental Appeal

Are you concerned that an unappealing design might turn potential guests away from your rental? We’ll help you emphasize stylish and inviting interiors plus boost your rental's attractiveness and market competitiveness.

What To Expect From This Program

We’ll take the burden of design and endless hours of sourcing each item off your shoulders, enabling you to take control of the setup and launch aspects of your vacation rental.
Our team of experts will ensure that your property meets the highest standards of quality and comfort, which can lead to higher occupancy rates and better guest reviews!

How The Program Works


Elevate your rental’s presence in a competitive landscape, ensuring it stands out and attracts a steady stream of high-value guests. We’ll analyze, evaluate and optimize your property for higher guest satisfaction, better reviews, and repeat bookings.


Transform your rental space and discover the art of creating appealing and functional interiors that guests love. We’ll select the perfect furnishings, color schemes, and layouts that enhance quality, comfort, and style.


Develop your rental business acumen with our step by step guide which includes bite-sized lessons that easily fit your busy schedule. This curated collection of tutorials and expert insights provide actionable knowledge and practical tools to thrive in the competitive rental landscape.

Meet The Founder

Riza Hernandez, previously VP of Investments at JPMorgan and Wells Fargo, transitioned from corporate finance to entrepreneurship by founding an investment advisory firm, focusing on wealth management.

Recognizing an opportunity during the pandemic, she ventured into real estate, specifically into short-term rentals, a strategic move that diversified her portfolio and expertise.

This led to the creation of "homeinabox.io," a venture designed to assist property owners in navigating the short-term rental market.

Committed to empowering others, Riza authored "Short Term Rental Riches," providing a comprehensive guide to financial success in the short-term rental business for landlords, property owners, and managers.

Born in Fiji to an Indo-Fijian businessman father and a Filipina mother, Riza spent her childhood in Fiji before migrating to the US in her teens, adding a unique perspective to her entrepreneurial journey.

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